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The study of usage of Buddhist teachings to support self-reliant community enterprise ...ФٻѵطԤس ..
The Roles of Temples and Communities in the Conservation of Candle Procession Festival ...ҨԵ رڲԸ, ..
A problem in environment conservation of the monk in the administrative district,9 part hierarchies ...ºح ǧ
An Analytical Study of the Strategies of Buddhist Dissemination of Thai Buddhist Missionary in India ...Phrakruphaladsuwattanavasirakun and Anather
A Study of Buddhism in Japan ...Phrakruphaladsuwattanavasirakun and Anather
The Practice according to Buddhist Teachings by Ever9ordained B.A. (Buddhism) Graduates ...Mr. Boonna Jimanung and Mr. Phawat Shainet
A Study of the Development Method of Phrapariyattidhamma School etc... ...Mr. Thanoo Srithong and Others
A Study of the Development Method of the Meditation Centres etc... ...Mr. Banchong Sodadee and Others
The Role of the Buddhist Monks and Sufficiency Economy etc... ...Phramaha Prayoon Theerawongso and Others
The Study of satisfaction to Environment and Way of Life of the Students etc... ...Phrabaidega Supot Tabaselo (Ketnakorn)
An Critical Study of Moral Value in Songtran Festival ...Phra Krusiriratananuvat Assist. Prof.,Dr. and Others
An Evaluation of Meditation Temperaments of Vipassana Meditation Practitioners ...Phrakhru Vimaladhammarangsi and Others
The People and Official Monks Participation on the Promotion of Learning etc... ...Assistant Professor Chaweewan Suwannapha and Others
The Roles of Teachers in Academic Service to the Society etc... ...Phra Krusiriratananuvat (Tawee Thanavaro) and Phrapived Cittatanto
The Result of overall operation of Buddhist Radio Station, Buddhachinarat Sangha College ...Phrakrusiriratananuvaj and Phra Sod Rakkhitajari
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