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The Remedy and Rehabilitation of the Juvenile Recidivists... ...Mr. Phatcharabot Rittem and Others
The opinions of sangha administrator towards learning and teaching of certificate program... ...Phramaha Som Kalyano
Factors Affecting Personals Organizational Commitment in Mahachulalongkonrajvidlaya University ...Mrs. Chailairudee Yuwanasiri and Others
The Study Official Sangha,s Participation to Encourage... Educational Management ...Phramaha Pairote Kanako and Others
A Study The Effects Towards Way of Life of Thai Buddhists... ...PhramahaPreeda Khantisopano (Dr.)
A Comparative Analysis of Vedana (Feeling) ...Phramaha Puan Khuntitharo and Mr. Peeraphong Mala
Happiness of Students of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Ayutthaya ...Phrakrusoponbhuddhisat and Phrasoravit Aphipanyo
The Buddhist Ethical Development in Moo-baan-Jaksan ...Phravisutthiphatrathada Ph.D, and Others
A Study of Listening Behavior of Buddhism Radios Audiences(Monks and Non-monks) ...Assist. Prof. Lamyong Samrejdee & Assist. Prof. Phrakru Sirirattananuwatra (Ph.D.)
A Survey of the Peoples Opinions on Listening to the Community Radio in Disseminating Buddhism ...Phramaha Thongsri E-kawangso, Ph.D., and Others
A Study of Problems of Writing the English Articles on Buddhism... ...Asst. Prof. Kovid Pankaew and Dr.Niyom Arnmai
A Study of the Impact of Buddhism to the Lanna Dialects ...Assit. Prof. Dr. Abhiphat Wisitchaingam
An Analitical Study of the Significance of Suphasidphrarauang Toward the Thai ....оѹ ԹԨ
A Survey Study of the Living Style of the Secondary School Pupils as Channels of Growth ...Ңѭ ԵڵԻ
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