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Efficiency of Buddhist Subjects Teaching etc.
Researcher : Mr.Somjit konwong ,Miss.Onanong Woowong and Assist Prof Chaweewan Suwannapha date : 06/11/2013
Degree : พุทธศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต(พระพุทธศาสนา)
Committee :
Graduate : 2553

Research Title:     Efficiency of Buddhist Subjects Teaching in the Third  Year Secondary 
                                Schools under Educational Areas of  Phrae Province


    This research was conducted to study the activities and Efficiency of Buddhist subjects teaching and to compare the efficiency of Buddhist subjects teaching in the government secondary schools in the Educational Areas of Phrae Province. The samples consisted of 65 teachers and 966 secondary school students from 65 secondary schools. The tools used were interview schedule and teaching evaluation by students. The obtained data were analyzed by percentages, mean (7), standard deviation, T-test and F-test.
    The research findings were as follows:
1.    For teaching activities of teachers  of Buddhist  subjects of the third   year  secondary
schools, it was found that the teachers used teaching  activities in  teaching  content, teaching activities, teaching method, teaching media and teaching evaluation in the middle level.
2.    It was found that the evaluation of teachers’ teaching efficiency in  terms  of content,
teaching activities, teaching methods, teaching  media and teaching efficiency was  in  the  middle level.
3.    For comparing the teaching efficiency, it  was  found  that  the  teachers  of  different
sexes,  ages, educational areas, teaching experiences, educational qualifications, faculties attended, training experiences and characteristics of schools, were significantly different in their teaching efficiency at 0.01 level, while the students with different sexes were not significantly different in evaluating the teaching efficiency of the techers.

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