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Sivijayajātaka : Edition and Analytical Study
Researcher : Phrasrivisuddhikun (Manop Piyasīlo) date : 08/03/2017
Degree : พุทธศาสตรดุษฎีบัญฑิต(พระพุทธศาสนา)
Committee :
  เสนาะ ผดุงฉัตร
Graduate : ๒๕๕๗



                This research is of 3 objectives, namely;- 1. to analytically study the development of the essence and the value of the Sivijayajātaka 2. to critically edit the Sivijayajātaka from the Pāli original manuscript in Khom Alphabets and Lānnā Alphabets into Pāli Thai Alphabets 3. to translate Sivijayajātaka scripture into Thai language.

            From the research, it is found that Sivijayajātaka Scripture is the Jātaka outside the Nipāta which is included in Paññāsa-Jātaka (50 stories). It can be assumed that Ven. Phra Buddharakkhita Thera, the Chaingmai’ monk, was the monk who composed this Sivijayajātaka in about 1974-2068 B.E. It was composed in the pattern of description by using the pattern of Jātaka in the Ṭipitaka as the principle in carrying out the story.

          Sivijayajātaka Scripture consists of the stories which are divided into 17 Kaṇḍas, namely;- Bodhisattuppattikathā, Dārapariyesanakaṇḍa, Peyyāla kaṇḍa, Āpanakāritakaṇḍa, Luddakakaṇḍa, Nivattanakaṇḍha, Mahārājakaṇḍha, Nandasenakaṇḍa, Yuddhakaṇḍa, Hatthāgakaṇḍa, Sivijayakaṇḍa, Hatthidāna-kaṇḍa, Vanagatakaṇḍa, Kumārakaṇḍa (1), Siveyyadevīkaṇḍa, Kumārakaṇḍa (2), Vevidānakaṇḍa, Mahāsamāgamakaṇḍa, Nagarapavesanakaṇḍa and Samo- dhānakathā.

            The Buddha’s perfection was mentioned in Sivijayajātaka Scripture at the age when he was Bodhisattva named Sivijaya Rājakumāra, the composer of the Scripture explained the text as he told the tales of main 5 stories. The composer added little stories for the continuation of the story. At the final scripture there was Vessantarajātaka and the groups of Jātakas (samodhāna) in which there were the people at the Buddha’s time.

The Sivijayajātaka Scripture reflected the inspiration of the believed in the pattern of ethics and the Thai people’s Religious Doctrines at the time of composition. This fact also included the ways of belief and the popularity possessed by the administrations and the people. Sivijayajātaka Scripture is the one to teach the Dhammas especially to those who are in the important group of people in the societies:- the King, the high ranking officers, the military officers, the millionaire, the merchants and the learned people. Thus, it is regarded as the valuable thing on the side of literature literary arts, history and of enriching the mindfulness and the wisdom.


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