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An Analytical Study of the Buddhas Teachings in Chantamud Isan Literature Influencing Thai-Isan Society
Researcher : Phra Saiweaw Vuddhidhammo (Chawsri) date : 13/02/2018
Degree : طʵҺѳԵ(оطʹ)
Committee :
Graduate : ѹҤ ..


                The thesis entitled “An Analytical Study of the Buddha’s Teachings in Chantamud Isan literature Influencing Thai-Isan Society” predominantly employed three objectives viz. 1) To study Chantamud Isan literature, 2) To study the Buddha’s teachings stated in Chantamud Isan literature and 3) To study the values of the Buddha’s teaching described in Chantamud Isan literature that influencing Thai-Isan society. The documentary research and field-interview have been spelt out in the present research.

            Findings of the study 

            Chantamud Isan literature was one of the contemporary Thai-Isan literature and ubiquitously popular in the Northern and North-eastern of Thailand. This literature was written in the form of verse aiming for the delectation and the propagation of the Buddha’s teachings to the way of life.

            It has been found that the Buddha’s teachings described in Chantamud Isan literature was the following principles, namely, 1) The demerit of craving 2) The stray 3) The meditator 4) The worldly conditions 5) The grateful and 6) The patience.

            However, the analysis of the values of Buddha’s teachings in Chantamud Isan literature influencing Thai-Isan society has been found in five aspects viz. 1) The way of life 2) The society 3) The politics and administration 4) The belief and 5) The value of literature represented the Dhamma, the wisdom and an expert in language including the writing of literature creatively. Further, the literature under consideration has influenced towards Thai-Isan  society  in  four  aspects,  namely, 1)  The value of ways of life 2)  The value of society 3) The value of politics and administration and  4) The value of belief


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