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Theravāda Upasampadā in Vietnam: A study based on Vinaya Perspective (Buddhist Studies)
Researcher : Phra Huynh Minh Thuan date : 15/08/2018
Degree : พุทธศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต(พระพุทธศาสนา)
Committee :
  Phramaha Somphong Khunakaro
  Phramaha Nantakorn Piyabhani
Graduate : 2018



This research work is Theravāda Upasampadā in Vietnam: A study based on Vinaya Perspective. This Study has three objectives: (1) To study the Upasampadā in Early Buddhism. (2) To study Theravāda Upasampadā in Vietnam. (3) To analyze Theravāda Upasampadā to the ways of Vietnamese life.

This study divided into five chapters and each chapter is based mainly on documentary research such as primary sources, historical, traditional culture, and customary practices.

The Upasampadā has many types but there only one type is available until now, the type of Ñatticatutthakamma Upasampadā (Upasampadā Received by the Formal Act Consisting of a Motion and Resolution).

The result of the research work which obtained the role of Upasampadā, the ceremony of Upasampadā in Vietnam, and the view of Upasampadā in Vietnam society. The candidate gets Upasampadā in Vietnam has different purpose including the purpose of rid of suffering, but no matter what the aim of candidate, Upasampadā procedure must be held based on Vinaya pitaka as the Buddha had mention in Early Buddhism. This research supportes to make an understanding the meaning of Upasampadā, the different types of Upasampadā and the Upasampadā is practices in Vietnam.


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