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Buddhist Network for Peace : Movement of Peace Building Process in Three Southern Border Provinces
Researcher : Phramaha Suchat Analayo (Maion) date : 27/11/2018
Degree : طʵôɮպѭԵ(úèѴäʧ)
Committee :
  Һح Թڷ
Graduate : չҤ


The objectives of this research were i) to study the movement process of the Buddhist Network for Peace, ii) to analyze the pattern of a peace building by the Buddhist Network for Peace, and iii) to present strategies for peace building by the Buddhist Network for Peace.  The research was a qualitative study. Mix methods were employed in collecting data, including i) documentary research related to concept and/or theory related to peace building, ii) in-depth interview, which was conducted among 27 stakeholders of peace building in three southern border provinces, and iii) focus group, which was conducted among 18 scholars and/or leaders of the Buddhist for Peace. Data were analyzed and presented by using explanation along with descriptive analysis.


             The research was found since the occurring of the violence in the Southern part of Thailand in 2004, many networks were founded aimed to build peace and support peace building, especially the Buddhist Network for peace. The Buddhist Network for Peace was established to provide help for any Buddhists and to provide good understanding on how to peacefully live together in the three southern border provinces. The ideology of the Buddhist Network for Peace is to reject usage of any violence as a method of problem solving in these areas. There were three main characteristics of working process, including:


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