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The role of Phrakhru Wisutthibunyadit (Nuan Parisuddho) in Community Development
Researcher : Phra Natthana Gunakaro (Petsawat) date : 29/11/2018
Degree : พุทธศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต(การบริหารจัดการคณะสงฆ์)
Committee :
  สมบูรณ์ บุญฤทธิ์
  สมเกียรติ ตันสกุล
Graduate : ๒๕๖๑

The study entitled on “The role of Phrakhru Wisutthibunyadit (Nuan Parisuddho) in Community Development” aimed to study life and work of Phrakhru Wisutthibundit (Nuan Parisuddho) and to analyze the role of Phrakhru Wisutthibunyadit (Nuan Parisuddho) in community development. In this study, the qualitative research was conducted based on data from research and In-depth Interview from 9 key informants focusing on Phrakhru Wisutthibunyadit’s (Nuan Parisuddho) the role and works in community development i.e. community assistance, human resources development, education and propagation of Buddhist doctrine, promotion and development of folk wisdom, conservation of resources and environment, and community facilities.

Findings revealed the followings:

1.Phrakhru Wisutthibundit was born in May 13, 2465 (B.E.) to the peasant family in Saira village, Bangrupsub district, Toongyai district, Nakhon si thammarat province and was ordained in May 24, 2485 (B.E.) at Uposatha Hall of Watkhaolak, Toongsangsub district, Toongyai district, Nakhon si thammarat provicne in which Phrakhru Thawonbunrat (Bunkong Buddharakkitto) was the preceptor and Luangpodaeng, the abbot of Wat Phukhaolak, was the act announcing teacher. After ordination, Phrakhru Wisutthibunyadit spent his life in Wat Pradittharam, Bangrup sub-district, Toongyai district, Nakhon si thammarat Province. Throughout his life, Phrakhru Wisutthibunyadit (Nuan Parisuddho) had outstanding monastic administration till he had been  appointed to do Sangha administrative posts  in consecutive times, that is the Phrakhrusanyabatchan-tri titled ‘Phrakhru Wisutthibundit’ in 2505 (B.E.) and in 2526 (B.E.) Phrakhrusanyabatchan-tho under the same title conferred by the king ‘Phrakhru Wisutthibunyadit. In his Sangha administrative post, he was appointed as theEcclesiastical chief of the village of Toonsangsub-district in 2508 (B.E.), as the abbot of Wat Pradittahram (Wat Saira) in 2515 (B.E.), as the preceptor in 2518 (B.E.). He was hospitalized at Bamroongrat Hospital, Bangkok and passed away on May 11, 2555 (B.E.) at the age of 90 and 70 years(year of ordination) with recognized and outstanding Sanghaadministrative works and community development works. 


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