I.B.M.C.-The International Buddhist Meditation Centre was founded in 2533 B.E.(1990 A.D) The main objectives are to provide Dhamma instruction and to teach Insigth meditation (Vipassana) in English. I.B.M.C. is a Meditation division of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University. OBJECTIVES OF I.B.M.C. 1. To be a contact point for English-speaking people who want to find out about Buddhist meditation. 2. To be a source of information about Buddhist activities in Thailand and abroad. 3. To provide regular talks in English on all aspects of Buddhism. 4. To provide Vipassana meditation (Insight) instruction and to hold retreat sessions. Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya was founded in 2532 B.E. (1889 A.D.) by King Rama V, the Great, of the Chakri Dynasty. The main objective was to provide higher education especially in Buddhist Studies and Meditation to Buddhist monks as well as laypeople. His Majesty the King's objectives were not fulfilled until the Most Ven. Phra Bimaladharma (Thanadattathera) and many Mahatheras organised courses and classes commenced in July 18,2490 B.E. (1947 A.D.) Now M.C.U. provides education in four faculties namely Buddhist Studies, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences. There are 10 campuses and about 10,000 students all over the country.