Andrew Moran
Nationality : British

Before attending the course :
Coming here helped me to relax and let accumulated tension and worries.
During the course :
Excellent. A good balance of intensive practise and mindful relaxation in the beautiful garden.
After the course :
Excellent. Tension and worries have dissipated thanks to our venerable teacher and the peaceful environment and staff.
What you get from the course :
The difference between mindfulness and concentration, meaning the difference between bare awareness which has a relaxed but constant attitude and concentration which can be fored. To not force the effort, to be aware with naturalness.

Suzanne Rayment
Nationality : Canadian/British

To live and appreciate the " now " let the past go. That nothing is periment.

Poh Poh
Nationality : Singaporean

Simple and clear with good notes.

Marissa Gilbert
Nationality : American

The method of teaching was very effective and I feel that I have learned a lot. This retreat has been very interesting and informational. it will be an experience I will never forget. I feel that I now know more about Buddhism and vipassana method of meditation. I know how to incorperate meditation into my life.

Troy Santos
Nationality : American

I'm glad we had a good amount of time, even though only once to consult directly with a monk. The Dhamma Talk the last morning was terrific. It was a good summary of how Buddhism is so useful in daily life.

Joss Philippe
Nationality : Swiss

An unforgettable experience; I have never been so calm in my live. The kick to start my meditation every day!

Visaka Emily Popp
Nationality : Canadian

Place (venue/accomodation) :
Excellent, Clean, High standards of sanitation well maintained; rooms good for retreat purposes; many bathrooms; meditation hall excellent & very suitable lovely quiet grounds.
Food :
Good for retreat purposes.
The course :
Well scheduled; Good & helpful instructions helpful interview with master.
What you get from the course :
It helps me to reconfirm the rightness of my path; It is detailed with practical instructions in meditation practice; It gives me the space & time to enhance my practice. Extremely valuable.
Other comments :
I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn & apply what I've learn in actual practice. I am also very appreciative to see the teaching principle of DANA at work in this retreat.
I hope this opportunites will continue to be available to sincere dhamma practioners like me.

Kalmar Andrea
Nationality : Hungarian

Good for beginners till basic the basic knowledge. After the interview I felt I got very useful instinction to comy on.